Whatever Its Worth 

My Mind Wonders about the things I've yet to accomplish. But not in that way where you have regrets better yet, Im bewildered. Not sure where you are going in the Land of Covid-19, is no longer a nightmarish dream

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You May Never 

Some of the things we all wish to attain in life may never actually be reached or realized. With some divine intervention or possibly by our own dharma doing, we find ourselves where we are, how we are and usually…

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Why The Heist?  

Imagine the Giselle just giving it's life over to the Lion, me either. 

Somethings are essential for survival in life- Life , Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness is just a few.

What about Pursuit of Justice? By what means…

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Loving More 

I once told a guy I met in Brooklyn, I'm not the petty type. He immediately responded by saying, 'You Sure?'. I retorted back my Al Ma Mater and favorite personal quote, "Why be Petty, when you can be Pretty?"…

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